The excitement of the open road has long been a source of opportunity and romance for countless people, but being able to enjoy those feelings requires you to embrace some additional responsibility. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape is the best way to guarantee your stories can all stay positive and your daily tasks can all be completed.

The most vital parts of your vehicle require you to pay the closest attention. When your brakes start to fail, you can find yourself at risk for a serious accident. Avoiding those concerns at all costs means taking preventative measures to guarantee the best possible brake performance.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some warning signs that may indicate your brakes are in need of service. Keeping these warnings in mind can allow you to respond quickly and efficiently to any potential issues and can guarantee that you’re not left scrambling to recover from a preventable incident.

Unusual Noises

If you’re in your vehicle every day, it can be easy for its normal sounds to fade into the background. Though this may not be the best habit for maintaining awareness, your level of comfort and consistency could provide an important clue for when things are going wrong. Deviations from normal sounds may stand out more sharply to ears that are accustomed to hearing one thing and detect something else.

Most modern disc brakes are designed with a metal layer that intentionally makes a squealing sound when it’s exposed. This is an important early warning sign that your brakes are beginning to wear down, and it’s a sign that you need to be willing to respond to. If you hear high pitched noises coming from your wheel well, it’s important to have them checked out so you can verify the precise cause.

Decreased Responsiveness

One of the biggest nightmares for any driver is finding themselves in a situation where they reach down to push on the brake pedal and get no force in response. Before you find yourself in such a dire situation, however, it’s likely that you’ll notice some gradual degradation. Making sure to respond to those changes is a vital step in guaranteeing that you’re never left trying to handle the extremes.

Modern disc brakes represent a completely closed hydraulic system that should maintain the same level of pressure and responsiveness every time you push down on the brakes. If you notice yourself having to apply firmer pressure to receive the same braking action, it can be a sign of a leak in the system that needs to be addressed. Sourcing those issues before the fluid completely drains away is absolutely critical to make sure your vehicle remains safe to drive.

Drifting Controls

If you find yourself having to apply increased pressure to keep your vehicle moving in a straight line, the source of the problem might surprise you. Rather than being caused by problems with your power steering or tires, it’s possible that the culprit is actually your brakes.

As your brakes wear down, they may be at risk of shedding metal fragments and shavings into the wheel well. They also may wear unevenly, putting asymmetrical pressure on your wheels and causing the car to drift. This can create limitations in your maneuverability and leave you struggling to stay safely on the road.

The professionals at DeMers Automotive have all of the necessary skills and experience to diagnose and treat the problems with your brakes. Relying on professional service can guarantee that you find the solutions you desire and can put you in a position to enjoy safe performance from your vehicle for years to come.