Mufflers are part of a vehicle’s exhaust system; they are responsible for decreasing the amount of noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. Mufflers experience a great deal of wear and tear over a car’s lifetime.

When you have an exhaust leak or a bad muffler, you may think it’s just annoying that you have to drive around with the loud grumbling, rumbling sound. You may not like the way your car vibrates when you step on the accelerator, smell gasoline exhaust inside the car, or hear knocking in the engine.

However, that frustrating muffler roar may be more than a noise disturbance. That sound may indicate a serious exhaust leak that requires you to fill up your fuel tank more often than normal. Over time, the compromised exhaust system will allow your engine to get too hot, damaging key components in the motor.

If your muffler has been damaged, or if your car is showing signs of an exhaust leak, have the issue checked out before your vehicle is permanently harmed.

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